‘Incredible place, incredible friends’

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To The Editor:

Over the past six months we have witnessed hurricanes, floods, mudslides, wildfires and other disasters. You see these on TV and say, “Oh, how sad and terrible for the people affected.” It wasn’t until three weeks ago that I experienced the magnitude of devastation that these people had to encounter. You have no idea what it’s like to lose your entire home and the person you loved for 50 years in a matter of a couple of hours. I still keep thinking it was all a bad dream, but I know it wasn’t.

The only things that have gotten me through this catastrophe are the people who are part of this Valley. From the first responders to my 911 call to the firefighters, EMTs and others who were on the scene, I thank you for all you did. No one ever left my side.

There are no words to express my thanks to Don and Dinah Simonini, Ed Read, Doug Mosle and Patty and Mark Giometti who were with me from the beginning to the end of that life-shattering day. The next day, people arrived with clothes, food and never-ending hugs. You all know who you are and I will never forget the love and compassion shown by each one of you.

The generosity of my Sugarbush family, especially, Win Smith, will live in my heart forever. The Mad River Valley is an incredible place to live and I now know why John and I have called it home for the past 50 years. I will get through this difficult time with my incredible friends and faith. Thank you, everyone.

Barbara King