Marching us backward

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To The Editor:

I was really saddened to see Mary Laulis’ letter in The Valley Reporter last week. From my perspective, it’s the conservative right that’s tearing apart our country, marching us backward toward a good old boy culture that existed before World War II – or perhaps the Civil War. I wonder if you have read “The Handmaid’s Tale,” Mary? That’s exactly the world Donald Trump and the Republican Party would like to move us toward. I simply cannot imagine how any woman can vote for people who want to take away all her rights and put her back barefoot in the kitchen, without a vote or a job – or any say in how many times she’ll get pregnant.

I was never a fan of Hillary Clinton, but I certainly voted for her over a man who is a liar, a third-grade bully, a cheat and takes delight in exploiting women and minorities, while blaming everyone else for his ever-growing list of shortcomings. There’s one little phrase I always keep in mind, which encapsulates everything about what the real America is: level playing field. And that’s for everyone, regardless of political party, gender, race, religion, sexual preference, land of origin or any of the other things that we allow to divide us. Diversity is where our strength comes from. That’s really all there is to it.

Is this “hateful propaganda disguised as an opinion piece” or “the liberal left’s bullying and hatefulness”?

Jim Dodds