‘Comment not factual’

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To The Editor:

Your comment in the Valley Floor regarding automatic firearms is inaccurate and not factual. Automatic firearms have been outlawed since the 1930s for the general public. The only way they can be owned now is by a special and expensive license from the BATF/Treasury Department. There are over 23,000 gun control laws. Do you really think one more is going to make a difference? The cities with the highest gun violence have the strictest gun control laws. Look what gun-free zones have done. They have created a no-threat killing zone for the psychos. Disarming law-abiding citizens is the first step toward a loss of our freedoms by a tyrannical government. How many people have been killed at an NRA convention? None. It’s not the guns, it’s the sick people who use them. When we are able to identify them and not worry about PC maybe we will be able to stop the violence. Firearms have been used up to 2 million times a year by law-biding citizens for protection.

Ron Krantz