Son of the greatest generation

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To The Editor:

As I was watching a documentary on WWII veterans visiting Omaha Beach, I was reminded of the part they played in winning the second World War. But then I realized that they played an equal or greater part in the next generation, which includes me and all the kids I grew up with.

We were born and raised in a small, rural and lower income Vermont town. We were protected, guided and sometimes chastised by these men. They provided us with a childhood that our children will never know and sadly never understand. The safe, innocent and fun-filled life growing up in the shadow of these men has shaped our lives and given us the values and memories that have led us to where we are today.

Our debt to the greatest generation did not end with the end of World War II; it just began.

Thank you to the men who raised me – all of them.

Steve Joslin

Formerly Waitsfield, now Graniteville