Two hours well spent

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To The Editor:

I attended the Scrag Forest Gateway celebration October 15 and was very impressed with the presentation, turnout and enthusiasm of the group. Along with others, I went on a short walk in the woods and realized that this was a very important project that will become a big drawing point for hiking and spending time in the Mad River Valley. This past Sunday I took my dog Bernadette and we went for a two-hour walk up to the top of the beaver dams. The one hour up was more than a walk in the woods as in places the well-marked trail is quite steep and a beautiful way to get a cardio workout, see some good views and just enjoy a hike in the woods.

The conservation commission has done a very good job and as more local folks and visitors use the trails, the word will get out and the Mad River Valley will have another highly visited recreational activity that will really add to the year-round recreational opportunities and economy.

Michael Sharkey