‘Much better informed’

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To The Editor:

My husband, Ray, and I took a day off from watching the depressing nightly news and attended the meeting held by the Waitsfield Conservation Commission.  The gathering was in response to community concern about the commission’s plans to chemically treat knotweed and other invasives on the town-owned Austin parcel south of Irasville.  I encourage everyone to watch Channel 44 and read The Valley Reporter to learn more about what happened at the meeting and where the issue currently stands. The purpose of my writing this is to express how grateful I am to live in a community that values everyone’s opinions and where volunteers, many with full-time jobs and young families, give their time working on town projects or nonprofit organizations, all with the common goal to make the Mad River Valley a better place.  The discussion last night was thoughtful, civil and respectful.  Thank you to everyone who organized the meeting and participated in it.  I for one learned a lot and feel much better informed.
Robin McDermott