‘Low-cost alternative’

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To The Editor:

I thought The Valley Reporter's article on composting was right on. Our beloved state legislators continue to pass laws that often don't take into account the total complexities (or funding) for their new regulations. Composting is a classic example for those of us who live in bear country of a regulation that is not always practical. We have been fortunate to not have bears around our home because we don't keep our bird feeders out after March 15 and we don't compost. What we choose to do is freeze our food scraps and then we take them to the transfer station biweekly with our recyclables and trash.

Hopefully, our transfer station will have a food scrap drop-off option ready by July 1 and will ensure that the option will not be cost prohibitive. Rather than having 1,000 to 2,000 families in The Valley having to build or spend significant personal cost to install bear-proof compost solutions, it would seem much more efficient to have a low-cost alternative where residents drop off our food waste at the transfer station. For those who wish to spend the money to construct bear-proof composting bins, that option would still remain.

Don Simonini