‘No reasonable logic’

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To The editor:

In response to Steve Zonies’ letter, “Everyone should contribute,” I see no reasonable logic to the excuses he quotes as to why taxpayers should pay. There are several establishments open to the public that have private water systems. Should taxpayers pay to maintain their system? Is it a town asset if someone drinks a glass of water or flushes a toilet? Let us be real and be honest.

I don’t understand why the Waitsfield Select Board is discussing who should pay for the water system repair. During the campaign to get voters’ approval to build the system, we were told there would be no cost to the taxpayers. Town officials and some supporters stood before the taxpayers and general public and highly stressed the point that there would no cost to the town. One board member and administrator stated that stipulations that came with the grant funds would not allow taxpayers to be billed. It appears that town officials stood before the public and just plain lied trying to get voter approval. I am not surprised; I have been lied to before.

Vic Dumas