‘Everyone should contribute’

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To The Editor:

As a water user – and aren't we all? – I'm responding to Mr. Bombard's letter. He doesn't want to pay for the repair; and, neither do we and under the circumstances, none of us should have to.

However, it is my opinion that under these circumstances, everyone should contribute to the cost for the following reason:

Anyone who shops downtown, goes to the movies, mails anything at the post office, uses either bank, visits or pays taxes to the town clerk, eats, drinks, washes hands or flushes at restaurants uses the water at least indirectly. You'll be comforted to know, that us “users” will also have to pay for the repair either way. Sharing the cost will divvy the pie into smaller, more affordable pieces for all.

Had this been an act of God, collecting payment would have been a supreme challenge. However, it was the result of human incompetence. If you or I in the private sector caused such damage, the hypocrites in Montpelier, would've fined, penalized and then forced us to fix and pay for it. True to expectations, the bureaucrats in Montpelier have slithered underneath a slimy rock to avoid responsibility. It is my opinion that a matter of this importance and magnitude should've been taken to the Vermont Supreme Court ... perhaps, hopefully, a more neutral judge and jury than the Agency of Transportation's attorney.

So, two questions that I've not researched come to mind:

1) Does the state or its hired contractor have liability insurance? Why not? You and I have to protect ourselves from inevitable human errors.

2) I'm assuming our water system is not covered by insurance. Why not? That would've paid for repairs, and our people could've called their people to resolve this matter.

Steve Zonies