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To The Editor:

Week after week I read something in The Valley Reporter regarding who will pay for the water break? I have been an opponent of this system from the start when Waitsfield drilled its well near Virginia Houston's, so I paid great attention to all that was told to us by the then select board and water commission. The question of emergency repair expenditure was asked, specifically, and we the taxpayers were told, "All cost will be borne by the users" ... period! So, I really do not understand the controversy at hand. I feel that we were misled in order to expedite the approval of this system. With that said, I can assure you, that in all future projects, the cost structuring will be held to great suspect.

I found it interesting to read in the April 27, 2017, Valley Reporter that Valerie Capels said that "despite research and outreach, she could find no guiding principle to answer the question of who should pay."

Honestly, I was stunned by this statement as I believe the guiding principle should always be honesty, integrity and standing behind your word. This type of politics, saying one thing and doing another, is very uncomfortable for me and will certainly influence my vote on all future projects. This is a rabbit hole that the select board should avoid and place the cost completely upon the users as was promised!

Russell Bombard