Apology not accepted

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To The Editor:

Dear Mr. Messer,

I too do not accept your apology.
You only brought smiles to the faces of both young and old. Yes, your bunnies are gay as they make a person lighthearted and carefree, which is lovely! I’m so very sorry that you were sought out over something that brings joy to most. I’m so very sorry that those with dark hearts can’t see this. I’m so very sorry that people feel a need to attack someone to ease their own agenda. I’m so very sorry that people can’t allow all people to follow their own path in life without criticizing their every step. Those people need to only look into a mirror to see the problem before them.

I hope to see your bunnies back out in town. I can’t believe that the voices of few will allow so many to go without seeing the joy your bunnies bring. You did something with your own time and monies for our community – for the majority of us to welcome spring.

I wish to thank you for what you have attempted to do – to bring a little joy into our dark world. I hope you find that most of The Valley loves what was, and that you find little support for those that caused you to feel that the bunnies were not loved nor welcomed.

I wish you all the very best – Happy spring.
Carol Brandt