‘Embarrassed by negatives’

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To The Editor:

This is in response to Fred Messer’s letter. Fred should not apologize for his four innocent pastel wooden bunnies that were meant to be a harbinger of spring. The ones who should apologize are the two groups of people who find those bunnies objectionable. Most of the members of our Valley are positive, caring and supportive people of programs that happen in the community; however, I find it apprehensible that a few groups of our Valley are so negative, selfish and nearsighted that they should object to four bunnies that gave most of us joy when we were surprised each day to find out where they hopped to.

There are always people in a community that can’t see the positive and good in sincere deeds. I guess some of the few would also like the fantastic Maple Sugar Festival to end because they’re allergic to syrup, or the super pumpkin festival to end because they don’t like a certain hat a scarecrow is wearing, or the delightful bricks on Bridge Street to be painted over because one brick offends them, or the beautiful stars taken down because they’re crooked.

I’m embarrassed about the negatives around these bunnies. There should be more important things to be concerned about than objecting to bunnies! How about being concerned about people in our community that are ill with cancer and other diseases, about people in our community that don’t have enough food to eat or place to live, or about our community animals that might be mistreated and many more important things, than objecting to a kind and caring gesture to make The Valley feel good after a snowy winter and rainy spring. Shame on you who objected to Fred’s kind deed.

I would like to have a fundraiser next year, to raise money for a charity, that asks people to log in each day they see the bunnies and where their locations are and put all the right answers in a pot and we’ll pick a winner. This could be done with all the shops helping to sell tickets with all the dates on them. It could start the two weeks before Easter and end on Easter Sunday. Let’s turn a negative into a positive.

Nancy Emory