Letter: Current and future reality?

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To The Editor:

I recently attended a lecture at the library in Quechee called The Bill of Rights in the Current Political Climate hosted by Peter Teachout. On the way there, I was reminded of a Talking Heads lyric that should’ve been my high school yearbook quote: “The president’s crazy. Did you hear what I said?” I was astounded to learn that not only have Republican lawmakers begun to take measures to limit protesting, but that drivers in some states are given immunity if they hit a protester. That’s right: It is now legal to hit a pedestrian and claim they were “in your way”!

Additionally, the Trump administration has acrobatically barred media outlets from news conferences, banned Muslims from countries without calling it an all-out ban, promised the moon and the stars without a telescope and still gives citizens Obama and Schwarzenegger flack in order to deflect the truth. Not to mention taking credit for the length of applause for the widow of a war hero. Quite the feat. All this before the teleprompter has had time to cool off!

Just because the Miracle on Ice scoreboard was taken down recently doesn’t mean it was just another hockey game. The Cold War was no warm shoulder. What’s next – Kim Jong Un has tea at Mar-a-Lago?

We Americans will not let our country turn into our enemies by accepting ludicrous tweets and policies as our current and future reality. Right? To quote another Bill of Rights supporter, “Over my cold, dead hands!”

Stephen Handley Jr.
Grantham, NH,
and former Mad River Valley resident