Letter: No raise budgeted for teachers

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To The Editor:

I was saddened when I read that the newly formed HUUSD has not budgeted a raise for our hardworking teachers for the coming year.

Harwood teachers and staff had an incredibly trying year. The passing of four high school juniors and a former Harwood student placed incredible stress on all of the teachers at both the middle and high school levels. Teachers made great personal and professional sacrifices to help students through the grieving process. Many gave up individual or family time to help their students. The Harwood community has always been a caring one. The members of our community, especially the teachers, have always given their best in a time of crisis.

It was incredibly insensitive for the HUUSD not to recognize these sacrifices. I found it interesting that the superintendent and members of her Washington West office will receive a 4.4 percent increase.

In recognition of their extreme sacrifices of the past year, the HUUSD should have budgeted at least a modest increase in salaries for our teachers and staff members.

With reduced enrollments, the removal of industrial arts, family consumer science and all honors classes, there is plenty of space at Harwood for the superintendent and her staff. The HU principal’s (Lisa Atwood) new office is absolutely cavernous.

Moving the Washington West office in North Fayston to vacant space at Harwood would provide a huge savings to taxpayers. Money saved on rent, heat and utilities could be used to offset the cost of a moderate raise for teachers.

The HUUSD has shown preference to the Washington West 1 percent and neglected the needs of the other 99 percent. Signs of our times reflected in our own local school district!

John Kerrigan, retired HU teacher