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2018 has rolled to a close and 2019 is upon us. Looking back at 2018, here are a few things we could not have predicted for the year.

We could not have predicted that the Neill Farm dairy barn would get flattened in a microburst of straightline winds in June. The historic structure was between 150 and 175 years old. It was felled along with an enormous tree at Owen Wimble’s house, tearing up a portion of his porch when it went.

We could not have predicted another water problem at Warren School, this time PFOAs in the drinking water versus last year’s roof leak that had kids attending classes at Sugarbush for two weeks.

We could not have predicted that voter turnout for the midterm elections would be as high as it was, but we’re glad people took their civic duty seriously this year.

Last year we predicted that Lawson’s Finest would open to great acclaim and we’re happy we were right.  We also predicted that Governor Phil Scott would be re-elected and we were right about that too.

We predicted that Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD) redesign would be the major news story of the year and we were right in spades.  We were wrong when we predicted that the state regulations that allow those who collect compost to charge whatever they want for that service would change.

We predict that the proposed HUUSD bond vote to upgrade Harwood Union will go forward, but probably not at Town Meeting. It will likely pass. We predict real proposals for closing at least one elementary school will be forthcoming and that that discussion will be difficult for all.

We predict that the proposal for Warren, Waitsfield and Fayston to adopt a local option tax will be the major story of the upcoming year and that that effort will be successful.

We predict contested races for local select board seats next spring.

Based on Mother Nature’s largesse so far, we predict a snowy winter that features lots of powder and minimal ice. And because of that we predict there will be only one mud season next spring and that it will be epic.

See you here next year to compare notes.