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2018 Rate Card - 02/01/18

(Rates have not changed since 2017)



The Valley Reporter is an independent weekly newspaper published every Thursday morning, 52 times a year, serving Warren, Waitsfield, Fayston, Moretown and Duxbury. The Valley Reporter is also the hometown newspaper for the Sugarbush and Mad River Glen resort areas.

The Valley Reporter is a paid circulation newspaper, audited by the U.S. Post Office and carrying a periodicals permit. Audited circulation is 3,700. The Valley Reporter is available by mailed subscription, online, or at numerous newsstands throughout the Mad River Valley, Middlesex and Waterbury. A subscription form is also available at


The Valley Reporter • The Stowe Reporter • Waterbury Record

– Total circulation 12,800.
– Run the same ad in two or all three newspapers for a reduced rate.
– Advertiser deals with one sales rep, receives one bill.

Burlington Area Newsgroup (BANG)

The Valley Reporter, The Stowe Reporter, Waterbury Record, Shelburne News, Williston Observer, Charlotte Citizen, and The South Burlington Other Paper

– Total circulation 37,000.
– Reach an additional 22,000 readers.
– Minimum run: 3 papers.
– Contact your sales rep for rates and more information.


– All display advertising, Friday at 5 p.m. – Camera ready (PDF), Monday by 12 p.m.
– Classified advertising, Tuesday by 12 p.m. – Editorial submissions, Monday at 5 p.m.
– Deadlines may change for special editions


– A 15% commission granted to bona fide advertising agencies for advertising produced by them and submitted in PDF or TIFF format. Advertising agencies assume all financial responsibilities for advertising ordered, contracted and placed.
– Normal billing at “earned rate.” Billing on contractual “end rate” subject to short rate penalties.
– All advertising payable within 30 days. Thirty day past due accounts may revert back to open rate and are subject to service charge of 1.5 percent per month.
– Accounts over 90-days past due will revert to a pay-as-you-go plus 10% of balance in arrears.
– Collection or legals costs will be borne by the advertiser.


Open Rates (per column inch) for publication in The Valley Reporter and our partner papers in Stowe and Waterbury.

Valley Valley & Stowe Valley & Waterbury Valley, Stowe & Waterbury
$8.72  $15.62  $14.18  $22.38 


Valley: $50/ad/week  (Waterbury: $75/ad/wk; Stowe: $75/ad/wk)


1 column wide 11.6 picas; 1 15/16 inches
2 columns wide 24.0 picas; 4
3 columns wide 36.6 picas; 6 01/16 inches
4 columns wide 49.0 picas; 8 01/80 inches
5 columns wide 61.6 picas; 10 3/16 inches


– All classified ads to be paid before publication.
– 40¢ per word – minimum $6.00
– Boxed classifieds, 50¢ per word – minimum $7.50
– Classified ads requested for 3 weeks receive 10% discount
– Classified ads requested for 5 weeks receive 6th week free
– No changes to ads receiving discounts
– No refunds on cancelled ads
– Combination rates available with The Waterbury Record and The Stowe Reporter
– 12 point headline, $2 per line.
– Blind box ad, additional $5


– Categorized listing of area businesses
– Run year round in 8 and 18 week blocks
– Listing includes 30 word description (additional words $0.03/wd/wk)


– Inserts and/or supplements accepted
– Inserts to be approved by publisher
– Advertiser to supply inserts
– No discount for series of inserts
– Rates based on weight:
0-0.5 oz. $80/1,000;
0.6-1.0 oz. $90/1,000;
1.1-2 oz. $100/1,000
– Not agency commissionable
– $50 folding charge (must fit 8.5” x 11”)


– All classified ads run on our web page at
– Web Display Advertising:
$100/ month


– The Valley Reporter does not charge for in-house ad design. Up to two proofs are provided at no charge. Subsequent changes will be billed at $35/ hour.
– Preferred location, when available, is an additional 25%.
– Full color at $50. (per ad, per week)


– All advertising copy, as well as editorial, news, bulletins, press releases, letters, photos, etc., are subject to review/approval and right of refusal by the Editor/Publisher.

– Creation of display advertising for Valley Reporter clients remains the property of The Valley Reporter and is not released for reproduction until it has been published in The Valley Reporter.

– Copies of digital files or hard copies of all advertising created by The Valley Reporter for reproduction in other publications must be authorized by the client. A $15 charge will be billed to all agencies or publications requesting the file.

– Political advertising is accepted at the open rate. Political advertising must be paid for before publication. Political advertising must be identified as such and contain the name and address of the sponsoring party or parties in each ad.

– The publisher assumes no financial responsibility for any errors in ads but, if at fault, will reprint that part of an ad in which the error occurred. The advertiser is responsible for checking the published ad and reporting any error before the next issue. The Valley Reporter is not responsible for more than one incorrect insertion.

– The Valley Reporter will not knowingly accept or publish material that is in violation of the law. Advertiser and/or agency who places such an advertisement by doing so agrees to assume liability for all contents of all advertisements printed as well as any claim arising there from made against The Valley Reporter.