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Readings sweep up in Green Mountain Open DGC



By Chris Mayone

With puffy clouds in a sunny sky the 2008 Green Mountain Open DiscGolf Championships got underway August 1 at the 18-hole North Calais DiscGolf club. There was a $500 bounty being offered for any sub-50 round posted during the tournament from the gold tees and there were some big names after the booty.

Competitors Avery Jenkins, Jay Reading, Steve Brinster, Adam Olsen and Geoff Bennett were all after a share of Vermont's biggest-paying tournament to date.    While no sub-50s were carded, there were some amazing scores and shots from Friday's opening rounds.  Jenkins finished the first round with a field-best 56 on the par-62 course with Reading, Bennett, and Olsen right behind at 58.   

In the second round only youngster Nate Krahn was able to match Jenkins' 56 and the field tightened in behind Avery, 1 shot off the pace of 105 at the close of play Friday.   Reading capped his 4-under 58 with a 90-foot deuce on the treacherous #6.     In the master's division California's Floyd Henke aced the 246-foot #8 with his Buzz.  Des Reading led the women's field with an extremely solid 65/66.


From there, the tournament moved on to Sugarbush. At Sugarbush the weather was threatening but never got much bluster behind it.  Playing Sugarbush's Peak Course (9,235) from the blue tees the pros were put to the ultimate test on Saturday, August 2.   Course designer Steve Brinster led the field with a smoking 54 and just missed the course record (set by him one year prior) by a stroke.  Both Paul Ulibarri and Cale Leviska aced the 300-foot uphill #1 on consecutive cards.

Markus Kallstrom also sliced and diced his way to a 55 on the mountain course to finish a respectable four shots behind third round leader Adam Olsen.  Oleson led Reading (55) and Avery (56) by just one stroke and the field was tightening behind him with Brinster, Ulibarri, and both Solengs within striking distance.  Des Reading continued her customary stranglehold on first place in the FPO and Juano Flores began to show why he has become a dominant factor in men's pro-masters of late with a very un-troublesome 3-under 60 on the peak to lead the men's pro-masters by three shots.


Play ended Saturday just as the rain clouds gave way and began the deluge that had held off the whole day.  Rain fell in waves and forced the downhill throwing competition to head inside and become miniaturized.  World putting champion Reading showed why he should not be allowed to compete against regular human beings in a putting contest, sweeping both contests (inside and outside) and winning a couple of baskets for his troubles.

The final day of tournament play brought some very ominous skies to the mountains of Sugarbush.  Rain began to fall in earnest at the two-minute horn.  By the start it was openly pouring in large vertical sheets.  Players braved the most severe of conditions to make their way against the championship layout of Sugarbush's base course with its three uphill devastators of 600 feet or better.   Sjur Soleng played the round of the weekend and carded a tournament-best 53 on the base.  

It was just two off the record set in the best of conditions last year by Markus Kallstrom, who managed another base ace to his credit; this one on the 246-foot hole 3.  A ridiculous -9 put Sjur into fourth place for the start of the final nine.   Female pro-masters and men's pro masters divisions finished and dried themselves at lunchtime in the pub.  They were happily finished for the weekend.  


In an ironic twist of events the weather turned from horrid to okay pretty quickly at lunchtime on Sunday and the decision was made to play the final nine as scheduled on the Peak Safari 9 Layout.  The Safari 9 began on hole # 6 and then played from #7 tee to #8 basket.  The rest of the course was played down to #14 and then 15 was skipped and 16, the 810-foot Annhyzer Beast became the finishing hole.

Once the players loaded the chairlift it was a fait accompli that the round was played barring electrical interference from above.  No such interference was forthcoming so the round continued despite the downturn in conditions.  Reading entered the finals with a three-stroke lead over Avery and a two-stroke lead over Olson.   The lead card lost a couple of discs on Safari 7/8 and that hole alone took them 33 minutes to get through.  The afternoon slogged on and down poured the rain.  

The conditions worsened as the day grew older, darkness became a possibility.  At last the groups began to emerge from the course. Brinster led the final groups with a final 9 of 34 but it was not enough to catch Reading for the win.  Brinster finished in a tie for fourth with the surging Soleng at -14 ,   Geoff Bennett in third at -16,  Jenkins holding on to second with a -19 and Jay Reading capped his Vermont weekend winning streak (two putting contests in a row) by topping the pedestal with a hard-earned, well-deserved -22 over the 41/2 rounds.




MPO   1 Jay Reading
MPO   2 Avery  Jenkins
MPO   3 Geoff  Bennett
MPO   T4 Steve Brinster
MPO   T4 Sjur Soleng
MPO   6 Markus Källström
MPO   7 Cale Leiviska
MPO   8 Adam Olsen
MPO   9 Paul Ulibarri 
MPO   10 Bard Soleng
MPO   T11 Evan Brummet
MPO   T11 Nate Krahn
MPO   13 Jeff Cahill
MPO   14 Greg Wintrob
MPO   15 Ben  Dunlap
MPO     Charlie Holmgren 
MPO     Jonathan Betts
MPO     Adam Vanderslice
MPO     Nick Schneider
MPO     Kieran Nichols 
MPO     Whit Cooper
MPO     Peter Hess
MPO     Christopher Young
MPO     Daniel Oullet
MPO     David Frothingham
MPO     Loren Thompson
MPO     Shane Tewksbury
MPO     B-rad Craig
MPO     Phil Vilmorin
MPO     Derek Reid
FPO   1 Des  Reading
FPO   2 Lesli Brinster
FPO   3 Sarah Moss
MPM   1 Juano Flores
MPM   2 Brock Pitzer
MPM   3 Daniel Marcus
MPM   4 Adam McGahey
MPM   5 Floyd Henke
MPM   6 Eric Kaplan
MPM   7 Doug Bechtel
MPM   T8 Dave Balkema
MPM   T8 Dan Doyle
MPM     Rich Reilly
MPM     Stu Straw
MPM     Brad Nichols 
MPM     Matty  Brier
MPM     Xander  Hemphill 
MPM     Pete Johnson
MA1   1 Rob  Walczak
MA1   2 Chris Piaseczny
MA1   T3 Gabe Miller
MA1   T3 James Pedrick
MA1   5 Jason Snyder
MA1   6 Mike Andrews
MA1   7 Mike Fagerstrom
MA1   T8 Keith McCormack
MA1   T8 Shawn Mullen
MA1   10 Eric Bakeman
MA1   T11 John Borelli 
MA1   T11 Jerman Kramer
MA1     John Dickison
MA1     Jonathan Nelson
MA1     Jeb Bielanski
MA1     Ben  Parker
MA1     Josh Hughes
MA1     Michael  Giaculli
MA1     John Cooper
MA1     Joseph Royer
MA1     Ian Thurston
MA1     Gary Krebs
MA1     Nick Jennings
MA1     Rick Giard
MA1     David James
MA1     Michael Lafayette
MA1     Christer Lundstrom
MA1     Adam Silva
MA1     Corey Driscoll
FW1   1 Anne Lewis
FW1   2 Heather Eng
FW1   3 Carrie Driscoll
MM1   1 Scoontar Selders
MM1   2 Michael Brennan
MM1   3 Todd Sternbach
MM1   4 Ed Hovestadt
MM1     Alan Rosa
MM1     Skip Santa Maria
MM1     Gary  Royer
MA2   1 Timber Patrick
MA2   2 Mike Martin
MA2   3 David Carter
MA2   4 Nicholas  Szymczak
MA2   5 William Mehls
MA2   6 Andy Lewis
MA2     Sean Leavitt
MA2     Andrew  Powell
MA2     Kevin Mize
MA2     Louie Torchio
MA2     Will Olsen
MA2     John Lamon
FW2   1 Lee Hovestadt
FW2   2 Carly Bray
FW2   3 Marcy  Buchanan 
MA3   1 Jason Miller
MA3   2 Jonathan Fitch
MA3   3 Jay Sistler
MA3     John Dillon
MA3     Mike  Buchanan 
MA3     John Rassweiler
M1J   1 Patrick  Meany
M1J   2 Drew Olander
M1J   3 Takoda Edlund
M1J   4 Oliver  Redding
M1J   5 Kaelyn  Harris-Vincent



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