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‘Rethink the idea of cameras’

It is again obvious to me that the school boards like to act on their own and not really receive input on what they do.


I would like to commend Mr. Goodman for standing up against a fearful board that acts on impulse and obviously does not trust their children! Cameras in school buses? Cameras in schools? So, I ask who in this town wants to add a $50,000 expense on to an already robust budget? Let me see, a 50 cent bandana and a $5 hoodie will defeat your camera very easily.


Since you use the National Security Agency (NSA) and seem to support their actions, as an example, it becomes apparent to me you act on impulse and don't trust anyone (including your own children).You support wiretapping, computer surveillance, searching library records, etc. You don't really care if the majority of the residents in The Valley disagree with you, you still will do what you think is just.


I hate to tell you this; you are supposed to be serving the community not telling us how it is going to be. By the sounds of the article you think that schools should be like prisons! The students are guilty till proven innocent. I have to be frank, after reading how this board thinks, you disgust me.


It never fails, when someone gets a little bit of power, they think they can do whatever they want regardless of what the population thinks. What example is this board setting for the youth in this valley? I'll tell you – you are irresponsible, stupid, can’t think for yourself and you need us to watch you all the time so you don't…. what?


Vandalism at schools happened even when you were students, or did you all live in perfect little towns? Then you use the defense if you’re not doing anything wrong, what are you worried about? What kind of republic (USA) do you support? It is obvious you support a police state.


Why are you so afraid? How do freedoms vanish? It starts when small people want total control. I hate to tell you, you will never be totally safe. There have been other stores, organizations and banks that have put cameras up and as far as I know they see someone in the frame, but they can't identify anyone. So, for this board to act on a whim and, yes, it is a whim or should I say a lark, it’s irrational spending of tax money and showing our youth you do not trust them.


The children of these board members should know that their parents do not trust their generation or maybe do not even trust their own children. You will never make a totally safe world and by destroying freedoms you do not deserve one for yourself or your children.


I have no time for these meetings (trust me, you do not want me to be there) and I try to trust the people in charge to make rational decisions and, yes, I understand this is a thankless job and I appreciate the work you do, but there is a supposed community you are serving and, in other words, it is not about you, it's about community, right? Again, I thank Mr. Goodman; it is good to know there is one rational person on this school board. Oh, and I like the rationale how the cameras “may deter some students.” May? Sounds like solid reasoning to me. So, I for one say, yes, Mr. Raddock, you’re wrong and wanting to gamble with $50,000 of a taxpayers’ monies on an idea that may, again may, deter some students from being bad. This board needs to rethink the idea of cameras on buses and in the school. Again, it is good to know you trust your children; what kind of parents are you?


Tim Seniff Warren




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