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The Ballad of Romneyhood and Ryanhood

The Ballad of Romneyhood and Ryanhood
       (They're not Robinhoods, they're just hoods)
Romneyhood, Romneyhood, Cadillacs galore,
Romneyhood, Romneyhood, millions stashed offshore,
He robs from the poor and gives to the rich,
Romneyhood, Romneyhood not so good.
Romneyhood, Romneyhood a stranger to the truth,
Romneyhood, Romneyhood, dog tied to his car roof,
He should join today the A.S.P.C.A.
Romneyhood, Romneyhood not too good.
Romneyhood, Romneyhood, Paul Ryan by his side,
Ryanhood, Ryanhood, the Tea-Baggers' pride,
He's a right-wing star, they hate F.D.R.,
Ryanhood, Ryanhood, he's not good.
Romneyhood, Ryanhood, let's kill Medicare,
Make health care reform a socialistic scare,
They serve only wealth, to hell with your health,
Romneyhood, Ryanhood, no not good.
Romneyhood, Ryanhood will do the best they can,
To have a fair election, just like in Iran,
The vote will be supressed, our liberty oppressed,
Romneyhood, Ryanhood, still not good.
Romneyhood, Ryanhood, "personhood's" their tune,
Government leave us alone except in our bedroom,
"Birther" "deather" fools, crazy right-wing tools,
That's their base, that's their place, what a waste.
Romneyhood, Ryanhood; anti-science slant,
Burn you at the stake soon if you ain't Republi-can't,
Someone tell them that the world is round not flat,
Romneyhood, Ryanhood, not real good.
Romneyhood, Ryanhood, what is their appeal?
Homophobes and racists love that coded spiel,
"Christian" yes that's fine, let's try it out sometime,
Romneyhood, Ryanhood, no darn good.
Romneyhood, Ryanhood, what is their real plan?
Romneyhood, Ryanhood, vote now if you can,
They rob from the poor and give to the rich,
Romneyhood, Ryanhood, no damn good.
Mike Lussen is a musician who lives in Warren.




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