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I agree with Mr. Hilferty. We all need to be like his hero Peyton Manning and take responsibility. But I would go even further. The riots in Quebec unseated a conservative premier and replaced him with a separatist premier and the rioters got what they wanted. Obama should have gone in and attacked them but no…he’s too weak. And what about China’s youth rioting against our ally Japan for a few disputed islands. Shouldn’t we attack China? Oh yeah, and Chile: Those kids should get a spanking from Barack. What about Greece and Spain? They’re rioting there, too. Barack, get in there man. What are you waiting for? And three of the five members of the band Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years in prison in Russia for insulting Putin. Obama should take responsibility for not sending in Seal Team Six.

Furthermore, I think he should take responsibility for the 120 countries, including India, that refuse to go along with sanctions against Iran’s peaceful use of nukes. The ayatollahs have consistently said that nuclear weapons are anathema to Islam and have urged the weaponized countries, like Israel, to disarm. So Barack, you should be going to war or at very least threatening war with most of the world so they know we are tough like in Iraq with George W. We all know that wars don’t cost anything. And, oh yeah, history exists. The liberal media like Fox news, the Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, et al, loved their hero Barack in his first four years. No wonder there is 60 percent disapproval of the press.

But don’t you think, Mr. Hilferty that your party should be like your hero Peyton Manning, and take some responsibility, too? You need to take responsibility for the war on the unborn. If you truly wanted to end abortion rather than just wanting to stop women from enjoying sex you would want to start sex education for boys and girls at an early age and contraception should be made easily available and free of charge for everyone. Also you need to take responsibility for the 47 percent who don’t pay federal income tax. If your Republican cohort had supported unions and a decent minimum wage, we would be paying those taxes as we did when there was a middle class and the top tax bracket was 90 percent and unemployment was a steady 3 percent.

Oh, and Mr. Hilferty, maybe you should take a little responsibility for your facts. FDR needed a war and almost 12 years to get us out of that Republican-inspired depression. The world’s economic mess and the continuing unrest among all nations (there are riots happening all over the world) is a result of decades of capitalist abuse of labor, of the powerful failing to provide justice on an equal footing to all and the hoarding of resources by the ultra rich. We need to change the system. Individual presidents make very little difference.


Robin Lehman lives in Warren.



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