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A nation of laws

I agree with Olin Potter about illegal immigrants. We are a nation of laws and that’s what makes us great. No matter your color, wealth, religious preference, political persuasion, or nation of origin, we’re protected by the fact that we’re a nation of laws applicable to everyone…uh…oops….

I have a confession. My ancestors came here in 1693 without papers. I don’t think the Native Americans gave them permission either. I could be wrong. Then they committed genocide on those same natives. But, hey, that was okay, because we weren’t a nation of laws yet, were we? Oops again. When we became a nation of laws we kept on killing them. Was that illegal or just totally immoral? Oh yeah, that’s right; God said it was okay and we called it Manifest Destiny. We’re cool.

Further confession: My ancestors were involved in the war on Mexico in the mid-1840s. We took half of Mexico for ourselves. That was legal? Whew am I lucky. I was thinking I had multiple felonies under my familial belt. We are a nation of laws. I feel better.

Imprisoning Japanese Americans in the ’40s? It was legal.

Torturing innocent Iraqis? It was legal.

Assassinating American citizens without trial? The sixth amendment to the constitution says it’s illegal. But, hey, they’re bad guys.

Putting any American in jail at any time for no reason? Legal! (Gotta get rid of that pesky sixth amendment.)

Attacking two countries that did nothing to us? Legal! (At the cost of $1 trillion)

Calling a corporation a human? Legal!

Destroying our economy? Legal!

Giving a driver’s license to an illegal immigrant? Illegal!

Yes, Mr. Potter, we’re a country of laws, and the beauty of it is that we can make something a law simply by saying so. Mr. Potter, you have to be corrected on your, how shall we say, inaccuracies.

Not one illegal immigrant has been caught voting…not one…ever.

To my distress Obama has deported more than twice as many illegal immigrants as George W.

It has been shown that illegal aliens are an overall boon to our economy.

The House committee on Oversight and Reform is a right-wing boondoggle.

Lehman lives in Warren.


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