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“Is anyone still concerned?”

As a past resident of the East Road in Waitsfield I follow(ed) the Ginny Houston water fiasco and fall out. I remember the volley of views when she was attempting to get her project out of the ground and into town and put another spot on the Waitsfield tourists’ map and maybe even some national recognition for another great tasting Vermont product.


Don't forget about the taxes her business could have generated, oh and the jobs, and the possible tourist dollars. "Gee that is why Vermont milk and cheese tastes so good from The Valley, it's the water the cows drink."  Carbon dated glacial water?  What an ad campaign that could of been at the Farmers’ Market.

Does anybody else remember all the local issues stemming from this wealthy out-of-town person wanting to exploit "our natural resources" and make our wells go dry, or all the safety concerns.

I forgot, were anyone’s taxes going to go up with her project?

Well we showed her; the town took her water and some of her land rights. And, yes, did the same to other ridgeline landholders also.

What would have happened if the town found water at one of its prior exploration wells and someone else drilled into the same aquifer, 251 feet away? Then what?

I've yet to see a good NMI (Not My Idea) or NIMBY article about the latest water happenings.  Is anyone still concerned about well levels dropping? Many were when Houston was going to use the water, or was that just bunk, or NMI? What is the difference with the theft of her water that she found on her property versus the break-ins we just read about this past week?

Where have you all gone? Maybe planning how to now make money off of (soon to be) valuable real estate or develop some more commercial space?

All of you know we would of been reading outlandish/scary articles about her 400,000-gallon water storage tank that will flood The Valley when it collapses because it was built with out-of-town money or all the stress from the construction traffic jams because someone was late to Pilate's, the safety concerns from the big excavation equipment crushing tourists and stirring up dust causing respiratory issues. Jeez, this is looking like a good class action suit to me.

Come on people, you’re going soft.

The possible new Dollar Store in Moretown has had more ink.

This is going to be great, when people come into town if they can still make it over the Kingsbury Bridge (maybe a better use of planning or federal funds) they'll see the controversial solar arrays.

If the "affected" neighborhood/townspeople reacted then the way they have since the town decided to pursue its found water, I believe Ginny Houston would have pursued her water business to some capacity and more people would have benefited. The fact that the town is doing practically the same thing she wanted to do and very few have opposed/complained is absurd, or could it be NIMBYism is dead? Nah, they just moved on from water, to gravel, sunshine and the winds.

Who’s really going to pay for this? Who and how many people will really benefit?


Ted Coles


formerly Waitsfield



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