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“Will government takeover fix it?”

Editor’s Note: This letter to Rep. Anne Donahue, R-Moretown, Northfield, Roxbury, was also sent to The Valley Reporter.

Dear Anne:

How many unionized civil “servant” (of course we serve them) positions will be created by eliminating any other health care choice except the government option for the new Vermont universal health?


What are the preliminary numbers/dollar amounts which will have to be funded by the taxpayers of Vermont (see stick it to working stiff again)?

What was the thorough, deep, fair and objective analysis that drove the good Democrats (see kind and caring) of Vermont to come to the conclusion that the free marketplace, with vast experience, has no possible way of adding value to Vermont health care?

When you create these thousands of unionized government positions that pay most incredibly well and fabulous benefits with the ultra delish retirement packages, can you set one aside for me? I will shout from the top of my lungs the virtues of big government come every election cycle, I promise!

When the Shriners felt burn victims should be helped regardless of ability to pay, they started a foundation (no government money wanted). The Shriners are just a bunch of skuzzy conservatives, so obviously they are stupid and incapable of understanding and caring. When St. Jude's decided cancer patients should be treated no matter the ability to pay they started a foundation (no government interference needed). Phil Lash decided to start a foundation instead of sending his money to a big government program.... Hmmmmm. Can a good, kind, caring Democratic politician start a foundation to assist those who need health care?

Maybe we can attack the terrible free market ski industry next. Imagine all the big unionized government jobs you could create in Vermont with that takeover. Man, Democrats would never be challenged again in the good, kind and caring hallowed halls of the state house.

Maybe I'm just jaded and your government takeover will fix everything. However, I'd like you to propose a trigger! Should the projected costs of universal health care be doubled by actual costs in the future, universal health care will be eliminated and we will revert back to the skuzzy free market system. Can you promise that you will not vote on any universal health care bill that does not have this trigger? Of course you won't! 


Paul Shaw lives in Warren.



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