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American Civil Liberties Union

By Jim Parker

The ACLU continues to disregard the consequences of its actions. An organization of lawyers with a title which would imply that there are no civil liberties in America, therefore they have to be the watch dogs, has done very little lately to enhance our civil liberties but continues to be the guiding force for hatred of the American way of life.


During the Bush administration, there was an outcry of invasion of civil liberties due to the wiretapping of suspicious incoming messages from abroad. Was the ACLU all over this concern? I don't know about you, but I have not heard of one case being brought by the ACLU showing illegal wiretapping of Americans due to this Bush policy. Maybe it wasn't illegal after all. So now the Obama administration after being faced with the reality of protecting the homeland has not stopped the wiretapping, even though it jumped on board with the critics during the campaign.

Now we have EITs, or enhanced interrogation techniques, and the photos taken. The ACLU is all over this but without regard for our troops, without regard for security here. It is just another grandstand case that doesn't accomplish any goodwill in the world for America. President Obama, faced with a demand to show all the documents and who knew what when, if he shows the photos, is now backing off and fighting the ACLU all the way to the Supreme Court. 

I, for one, support Obama for taking this stand, albeit late, and probably for the wrong reasons. He says he wants to protect the troops, but he is probably getting a lot of push back from Speaker Pelosi and other members of Congress because of her forgetfulness with regard to what she really knew about these EITs. She knows that her hypocrisy will be revealed if all the documents are released with the photos.

Obama is turning out to be a master politician and realities are forcing him toward the center on matters of homeland security. His liberal agenda calls for his credibility to remain intact for the next year if wants to spend the $4.5 trillion to cover his budget and health care for all, etc.

Unpopular wars aside, if Obama's wish list gets accomplished in the timeframe he hopes, he will have spent more of our money in one year than Bush did in the entire eight years of his presidency, which included fighting the bulk of two wars. A $16 trillion deficit is not impossible by the end of his first term.


The ACLU is acting more like an enemy among us. Try to find out how they are funded if you really want a wakeup call on this organization.

Parker lives in Warren.


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