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Instant stimulus package -- no tax cuts, no checks

Instant Stimulus Package: No tax cuts. No checks. Cut the pork and government spending. This is not the time for that. No protectionism or trade wars. Let the people decide, but no hoarding. This is an American plan.

Appropriate $500 billion into a federal credit fund and divide by the number of heads of household (119 million). It equals $4,201.68 per household. Each head of household has access to $4,201.68 in federal credit to spend on whatever they want, but the key is that they never touch the paper money. Put the government bureaucracy to work on this now. The federal government handles the transaction and ships the goods via U.S. mail. All possible hoarding is avoided in this plan. If you mail a check or cut taxes the money will be hoarded further and the American people will turn. This plan is essentially a federal credit card that nobody has the code to except the Fed, since it is responsible and will take the fall if the process is corrupted. Every head of household has access to their rightful $4,201.68. You could put a two- or three-week time limit to spend the money by. Every penny is stimulative. Under this plan the money doesn't disperse through 1,000 government agencies, taking years to filter through with everyone's hands in the cookie jar in the process. What lesson did we learn about hoarding from the first bailout?
If the head of household desires to use a portion on health care payments, a vacation to Disney World, late mortgage payments, whatever, as long as every penny is targeted and fast, stimulating to maximum effect within a few day's time. One could put it toward a small business or loan payments. Anything. This will create and save jobs, and it will stop the bleeding we are experiencing now.
This component is streamlined, fast, targeted and gets the maximum desired effect. It beats tax cuts and everything else. The American people I have talked to love this plan. It is truly a bipartisan bailout for the people! The plan is American in that it emphasizes consumerism and choice, combined with much-needed discipline and responsibility. We can easily pay this amount of money off in the future if we work hard. $4,201.68 is not that much, really. I see no better use of taxpayer funds than this plan. Instant Stimulus. Jump-start the economy. Once the bleeding is under control we can introduce long-term solutions. There will be no long term to speak of if we don't address families and businesses in distress now. 

Just think how this plan would benefit the people of this Valley, since they already have the tendency to keep their money local. 

Nobody listens to me, even though my plan is the best for the people. I have tried local and state government, the White House, and I can never get my voice heard. I want to help, but no one will let me. I have a master's degree in business/HR with a 3.9 GPA from Tulane University. I studied advanced finance and everything that goes with it. Everyone is panicking and ignoring the fact that people need help now. Senator Leahy's aide did say that she had not heard this idea yet, and that she liked the idea and she would forward it to Senator Leahy. I don't know if she did it yet, but she needs to. I will follow up tomorrow morning.

Thank you for your time.       

Toney Schloss lives in Warren.


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