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"KCC provided a thorough proposal"


 By Jim Despres

Kingsbury Construction Company, Inc. (KCC) was asked in January 2008 to provide ideas and options with budget numbers that the Waitsfield School might expect to expense for the improvement of their playground field.

The actual grass surface of the field was not viewable at the time because of the good depth of snow on the ground. KCC entered this "option" exploration with an open book and a sincere willingness to help the Waitsfield School to provide a safe and healthy turf playing surface for the children of the Waitsfield School and the numerous other young athletes who play there. The following is KCC's menu of "options" that was presented to the Waitsfield School:

 Date: January 25, 2008

Job Name/Location: Renovation options for athletic field


1. Roll field while it is saturated from spring thaw. This may reduce undulations and smooth out rough areas. This procedure is likely to produce poor results and can damage turf as a result of over compaction.
2. Roto till field in two opposing directions. Bull dozer grading to uniformly slope area; Harley power rake to remove debris and smooth existing topsoil and prepare seed bed; fertilize, seed (athletic field mix) and blow hay mulch.
3. Supply and install screened topsoil as needed. For a 2-3" cover 192 cy required. It is likely that certain areas will require more than others. For budget purpose figure 192 cy including installation.
4. Removing surface water from the field is a very important part of maintaining healthy grass and a safe playing surface. The site appears to drain towards the Wait House, though the snow cover obscures the true terrain. To facilitate drainage, the field slope would be perfected in Item #2 to drain surface water into three 12" catch basins (located to the side of the field) and then piped through an estimated 350' of 4" sch 35 smooth wall pipe to a daylight outlet (with rodent guard protection).

KCC provided a thorough proposal. It is clear that option 2 most closely matches that of The Buckley Corporation with one major exception: KCC would not contemplate the application of pesticides on school grounds. In fact, KCC's budget number was less than the plan selected by $898. For the Waitsfield School or its board to state that KCC's "bid" was $12,428 to substantiate its engagement of The Buckley Corporation, a reckless business out of touch with our community, is upsetting to say the least. The Valley Reporter, in its story dated June 19, 2008, stated that the Mad River Recreation District approved $4,752 in grant money for the project, coincidentally an amount equal to KCC's option 2.

As a local business with 30 years of history in Waitsfield it is disheartening to watch the community suffer through this situation just like it has been to watch the grass die. And I will also state that through the generosity of Kingsbury Construction Company, Inc. young Valley athletes enjoy playing on the 10 acres of field at Mad River Park caringly maintained by Kingsbury Construction Company, Inc.

Jim Despres is project manager at Kingsbury Construction Company, Inc.

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