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Losing money every day


By Johnnie Damon
I don't know about anyone else besides my own family but I've had it. As should all taxpayers in the town and village of Waterbury, because you all are losing money every day. So is anyone working, shopping, renting, visiting, dining, and the list goes on and on.

My husband and I have just put a couple of thousand dollars into my car (whole new front end) and also some into my husband's truck. I bet there are a lot of people out there who have done the same thing. But from here on out I will not be driving my car through the village of Waterbury any longer unless I absolutely have to. Your roads are deplorable, unbelievably dangerous, and some other words I can't say in this letter. Did anyone see the bus and the state plow truck?
I think that the wonderful town workers that put a lot of hours, sweat and time into streets, sidewalks, etc., should spend less time on the work to the ball fields and more time (a lot more) on filling/repaving/a thin layer of asphalt, something, to Main Street. However, that does not mean to patch just certain spots.  Like what has been done by Dascomb Rowe Fields or just east of Dr. Murray's office. More, more, more!  
By not doing this the town is losing valuable time and scores of money, in these hard times, that no one can afford -- because there are people like me who will take the interstate or even the backside in order not to drive through Waterbury. Therefore, local businesses will lose out on money they depend on to keep their own business going in Waterbury. The town of Duxbury will get very irritated because there is more upkeep for the River Road and other consequences. I can't imagine the maintenance bill the town must get for the repair and upkeep of village police cruisers or other town vehicles. Can anyone imagine driving up and down Stowe Street or Main more than once, or a hundred times that the local police do? Over and over again.
If there is no plan or money to fix this huge problem, let's think of some way to assist with some outside help.  I'm willing to bet if you asked everyone who has to drive through Waterbury for a $1 donation, they would be more than happy to give it. I know I am. Heck, maybe even $20, so that next year at this same time, I'm not $2,000 in the hole (no pun intended).
Also, I would like to put out there that the state of Vermont as a whole should be laying down new pavement across the board, not just the town of Waterbury. Maybe if everyone sent them their vehicle bills for new struts, brakes, shocks, windshields, etc., they could all get together and buy a clue.
Thank you for listening.

Damon lives in Moretown.

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