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"Dump Road" -- a classic


By Gene and Virginia Scarpato

Sharon Johnson, I want to let you know, even though we have never met, your story of how you felt duped on to Dump Road was a classic. I cannot tell you how many times that I laughed, snickered, and sputtered as I read your transition from disgust to love of your now, I am sure, a very famous vacation home address. 

The Smythson's or Mrs. John L. Strong have nothing on you. The Johnson's of Dump Road win out over any Manhattan street that I know. Maybe, you consider your new engraved stationary with an illustration of, maybe, just a small pile of manure or cow flop or maybe just some small sheep droppings. That would in northern Vermont -- but, then again, you might consider an engraving of a horse and wagon before the dump (excuse me -- before the manure droppings).

I must say that we also bought our vacation home some years ago in Waitsfield, and are in love with it and the people who live up here. Our road name is "Raphael Road," named after a former select board member who lived, at the time, "up the road a piece" from our property. Now, you would think that fact would give us more stature, or value.  

The truth of the matter is that we have become very good friends with the Raphael's, who moved in the area, leaving us their legacy. We are proud of the fact, but our address at Raphael Road gets all the junk mail that everyone else gets. You, on the other hand, get the junk on dump which has now a special flavor attached to it.

It is interesting, and maybe the reason for my joy in reading your colorful story, how similar it is to ours, except that our trip to dreamland is a lot longer than yours. To be exact, 335 miles from Lynbrook, Long Island. The trip is always an adventure. We have completed it in five hours, and also in nine hours, depending upon what road rage is going on.  

At times, we wonder why we could not have found a place in northern New Jersey or something. Like you, we saw the place and became smitten. The miles, the road, the road rage, or anything else did not mean a thing. We were hooked. We bought it 21 years ago, and if you squeeze all the weekend trips up here together, we have probably spent a total of one year of living here.

Financially and practically, it is dumb, but then again, all of our five married children have keys. Come the ski season, it gets used. Our friends back In Lynbrook think we are crazy -- maybe, but a good crazy, with wonderful memories.

We also live in an area of Lynbrook called The Poet Section where the streets are named after poets or writers (Stewart, Russell, Carol, Hawthorne, Whittier, etc.). No matter, Dump or Raphael, it's  nice, it's different, it's a second home where, because it's not our primary home, we pay an additional tax (I'll bet they didn't tell you that before you put your name on the dotted line).

Sharon, I want you to know that I would have reacted just like your husband did, and my wife, the same as you did. Congratulations upon your successful trip from despair. Have nothing but happy times for years ahead. Dump Road -- gee wiz, that really is a classic.

Gene and Virginia Scarpato live in Waitsfield, VT, and Lynbrook, L.I., NY

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