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Time to set things straight


It is time, in fact past time, to set some things straight. <MI>The Valley Reporter<D> has repeatedly printed some inaccuracies regarding Moretown's annual report and audit. I believe the reading public should know the facts, not what a handful of malcontents have chosen to say and call accurate. 

1. Each newspaper article ends by saying that for the "second year in a row" the town report did not include everything. Untrue. As any person who looks at the report will see, last year's was complete and approved by Moretown voters. This year's was lacking two reports, both of which would be included in the accountants' report. Time did not allow these reports to be completed by printing time for the town report.

2. According to <MI>The Valley Reporter<D> articles, "close to 90" Moretown voters signed a petition for a state audit. The actual number was 85 -- a fact, not a "close to," and should be reported factually. I personally talked with 12 of these people, not one of whom thought there was or is a problem with the books of the Town. By the way, 29 of those signing were family members of that malcontent group.

3. The accountants' report was completed. As anyone who works with a CPA firm knows, part of their duty is to make recommendations. We value those opinions. Some of the suggestions from the firm have already been instituted by our town office. In fact, some suggestions were carried out before the final report and did not even get on the list. Other recommendations have been or are being instituted. As reported, some recommendations are the duties of the select board.

As always, if anyone has a question or concern, it is a good idea to dialogue directly with those who can give the facts. Vermonters are known to be straightforward. These back-room mumblings and inaccuracies do not promote good health for a town and they stretch our rights and democracies to the point of misuse.

For the past 11 years, our town office has been open and responsive, not only to Moretown's residents but to everyone. We take our job seriously, act professionally and strive to serve the public. The past eight months have been extremely challenging with health issues and constraints from the select board on the number of hours for assistants' work, not to mention constantly more to be done in a growing community and with new state mandates. The overwhelming understanding and support of the vast majority of people has been humbling and greatly appreciated. We very much value your friendship and encouragement.

Susan Goodyear, CVC, is the Moretown Town Clerk.

Editor's Note: The 2007 town report states that four items -- the General Fund Comparative Financial Statement, the Statement of Receipts and Disbursements, the Recreation Fund and the Capital Reserve Fund -- were not available at the printing deadline. Those reports were included in the 2006 town report.  

Both the 2006 and 2007 Moretown town reports include the following statement regarding the audit report of the "accounts of the Moretown town officers":

 "Please note that these reports were not available at the time the town report was required to go to print. In the absence of these reports we, the town auditors, have included the records as provided, unverified, by the town clerk."

A story in the July 6 edition of The Valley Reporter stated that the Sullivan and Powers Company audit was complete and available to the public.


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