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‘Demand more from WDEV’

To The Editor:

I was wondering if I am alone in having grown tired of WDEV's political op-ed segments from John McClaughry. Mr. McClaughry's negative and often vitriolic take on just about every topic hit a new crescendo today (Friday, October 18) with his diatribe denying that man has any impact on global warming. Perhaps WDEV can provide some balance? With today's climate change denial, Mr. McClaughry again shows himself to be far out on a limb and WDEV (and the Radio Vermont Group) to be out of touch with its listeners. Shouldn't we all demand more from WDEV? May I suggest op-eds from local people who make this valley such a great place as an alternative to the repetitive talking points of the far right Ethan Allen Institute offered daily by Mr. McClaughry?

Todd Thomas



# RE: ‘Demand more from WDEV’Steve McKenzie 2013-10-24 20:17
WDEV more than compensates for the 1 minute of "far right" commentary. Overall they do a good job in providing a wide spectrum of views and opinions.
Specificially, Jim Hightower's daily commentary alone provides suitable balance, with considerably more sarcasm and name-calling. You can then add in "Lunch with Bernie (with Tom Hartman)" each Friday and "Democracy Now" every evening for an hour and a half.
As an aside, Mr. McClaughry routinely incorporates unbiased facts in support of his "far right" positions, and facts are apparently interpreted as being negative.
While I too am tired of Jim Hightower's daily negative and routinely vitriolic commentary, I respect his right to his opinion, and I respect WDEV for providing diverse programming.
# RE: ‘Demand more from WDEV’Jon Provost 2013-10-25 13:21
Steve You hit it right on the head. Here is copy of my response to Mr. Thomas's letter. Hope it makes print.

"Todd Thomas’s letter to the editor in the Oct 24 edition of The Valley Reporter criticizing WDEV and suggesting they are out of touch with their listeners is absolutely absurd. It also serves as a glaring example that the average liberal has zero tolerance and complete disdain for any viewpoint other than their own. A quick glance at WDEV’s daily lineup actually shows unbalanced political programming favoring the left. Certainly the “diatribe” of Jim Hightower makes up for Mr Mclaughry’s two minutes a day. And while the Ethan Allen Institute enjoys an hour of programming each day, Equal Time and Democracy Now do as well and they are certainly not right wing radio. Oh we can’t forget the Bernie Sanders hour either. One might even suggest that Mark Johnson’s two hours put’s the left up by yet another two hours of programming as he generally leans that way.
However Mark serves as a great example for us all as he listens to both sides of the story, something many don’t seem tolerant enough to do. Oh and by the way, to the main point of your letter, Roger Hill is as big a believer in man-made global warming as anyone and we hear him at least 6 times each day.
WDEV is a pillar of this community and a great example of a responsible corporate citizen. They provide valuable local programming and even adjust schedules when major local events warrant it, i.e. Irene. To suggest they are anything less shows a closed mind. I’m Jon Provost, thanks for listening."

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