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To The Editor:

I am incredulous that our select board actually accepted an "anonymous" cash payment/bribe that will clearly have a direct impact on an important public policy question.

Instead of holding a revote on the town hall we should hold a recall vote of our select board.

Waitsfield may have lots of defunct and closed businesses along Main Street, but we are now clearly a town that is "For Sale."

I am sure that some folks around town will put this bribe in the same category as the "federal grant money" and say that we shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.

I would point out the if the people of Troy had looked over the horse that the Greeks delivered to their doorstep more carefully there might still be a Troy.

My only hope is that the shadowy, phantom "benefactor" who doesn't appear to have the backbone to stand up for their convictions in public at least had the historical awareness to deliver the money to the select board in a brown paper bag, befitting a Chicago ward boss of old.

Not written anonymously.

Jim Boylan



# Reluctantly into the fray.......Joyce Travers 2013-10-03 14:05
I have to wonder - would you all still be calling it a bribe if someone had given the town the money towards the Old Church? I also have to wonder where all of the "Johnny-come-latelys" were during the two years the committee worked on finding sites and writing up comparison reports. Were any of the letter writers at the meetings? Did any of you volunteer for the committee? I doubt it. You just showed up at the eleventh hour to boo-hoo about the choices. It amazes me that while most of you have done nothing to contribute to the process you sure feel that you have the right to complain about the job that was done. I'm not even going to mention what a really bad choice the old church is - so, here's a thought, why don't the group of you buy it and rehab it. You are so taken with the building YOU foot the bill. I wish you luck and very, very deep pockets.

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