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Wall Street worse than Al Qaida


 To The Editor:

Our nation and the world have been victimized and traumatized by Wall Street. Their greed has gone beyond the bounds of reason and common sense. These people have ruled the government halls of Washington, DC, as well as state capitals to legislate their special interest and to have it their way among our elected officials. Then they go on their merry way on Wall Street and have it their way over all of us. There is not one among us who hasn't had his pockets picked by these ruthless people.

The TV series <MI>Mad Men<D> and the movie <MI>Wall Street<D> demonstrated how they go about conducting their business to achieve wealth at the cost of others. The big corporations borrow money from us, the government, through our representatives who act on our behalf, to people who, as a so-called service, to lend you your own money at a very big percentage in bank loans, credit card loans, mortgage loans, and on and on. They have stretched the common sense of economics. They have broken their own rules of how to conduct business in the mainstream of our daily lives.

We, the people of this country, have been raped by overpriced fuel. This in turn kills big and small businesses nationwide. This kills people's weekly or monthly income to the point that they have to choose between driving to work or doing business which interferes with paying bills, buying food. People max out their credit cards which in turn sets off the failure of bad loans of all types that won't end.

The robber barons of Wall Street have come home to roost on the bridge they have built for all of us to nowhere. They have killed this country, us the people. We were the goose that laid their golden egg. They killed their goose, us. We need a new turn in the way our government is run even if we need another revolution.

What do you think? I'll see you at the polls in November.

Gregg Viens

North Fayston


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