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"Not a Texan"


 To The Editor:

I noticed that the "Bummer" float in the Fourth of July parade had a Texas license plate. Being from Texas, I am accustomed to Texas being a place people love to hate and George W. Bush certainly hasn't helped matters any. Just as a review, Dubya was born in Connecticut, which by most Texans' definition makes him not a Texan.

He summered in Maine, went to boarding school in Massachusetts and pursued his higher education at Yale and Harvard, leaving the Northeast to successfully ignore the uncomfortable fact that it played a significant role in young Bush's formation. His affected cowboy act is just that -- an act. His swagger and drawl more closely resemble a Wild West movie than anyone I have ever met back home.
I could rant indefinitely about divisions not helping our country to be a better place, or that I am weary of defending myself from all sorts of assumptions based on my place of birth, or that Texans are more diverse than they get credit for and very few are oil millionaires, but mostly hard working regular folk, but my burning question is this: Why does Wyoming not get any negative attention for its contribution of the more sinister (and arguably the more powerful) half of the executive branch? All I can come up with is that Texas is a place that people love to hate.
Lorri Quinn



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