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Two cents worth


To The Editor:

Having lived in The Valley for 35 years, here's my two cents from what
I read in The Valley Reporter while wintering in Miami. The Fourth of July up at Sugarbush -- Dave Sellers has got it right. This is more than a terrible idea. It brings back not so pleasant memories of the days when Sugarbush tried (hard) to have the Mad River Valley renamed Sugarbush Valley. The buck has to stop somewhere.

I agree wholeheartedly with Tim Seniff about the carelessness that is displayed in this country flying (and wearing) the American flag. It is one of those things that hits you when traveling in this country. The American flag is flying everywhere, and essentially nowhere. Day or night, it does not matter. It's become just decoration. Travel throughout the rest of the world, and you will only see flags on government buildings, and will only see them on peoples' homes when they are celebrating a holiday. The rest of the time the flag is respectfully put away.

No young people in The Valley: A lot has been said, and a lot of it seems correct. The Valley is becoming an exclusive enclave. But then remember, it was once called Mascara Mountain. The Valley is beautiful, and beauty has its cost. I don't know if there is any solution, and youth exodus is happening in many places. Some of us are extremely fortunate that our children are able to make a living in The Valley and have become our neighbors. We are incredulous to now see our grandchildren being picked up by the same bus driver and being taught by some of the same excellent teachers that our children had 35 years ago. I wish more people here could have the same pleasure. More local jobs, and better paying jobs would help.

Hoover has a point VR. You do get on a soap box sometimes. While I agree with all of your editorials, the paper is called The Valley Reporter, and we do get enough of the other depressing stuff through our regular media. As usual we are coming back up for the holidays, and do so much appreciate the good feelings that permeate this special place called the Mad River Valley.

Cheers to you all,

Pierre Moffroid

Warren and Florida


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