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Ways to protest that don't include name calling


To The Editor:
Every now and then I think about the letter Jon Jamieson wrote to The Valley Reporter not too long ago (you know, the insurance guy, totally focused....yah that guy ). It was a great thing on so many levels that I told him so when I saw him.  I saw an editorial recently in a different form and I also wanted to share my feelings with its author. I thought I would let him/her know how truly thoughtless, careless, destructive and cowardly it is. I am referring to the bumper sticker that is going around stating, "Deputy Laskowski Sucks the joy out of this valley."

Lots of things suck. Gas prices suck. The war in Iraq sucks. (I support the troops, not the war....a fairly easy concept.) Rain in the winter sucks. It sucks when your dog dies. Skunks suck. Flat tires suck. Frozen pipes really suck. The truth is lots of things suck and we all suck once in a while right along with them. Maybe not all the time, but every now and then we all do. Face it. I know I do, just ask someone who knows me.

Speeding tickets also suck. You will get no argument from me on that. I've had a couple. However, so does speeding through town! I've done that too. A lot of us have. I always feel bad when I see one of the local kids riding along the road on their bike. I hit the brakes and check my speedometer. Oops! #@#$! I will tell you what I don't do. I don't blame the kid. He didn't make me late. He didn't push down on the gas pedal.  He was just riding his bike.

You can't blame the cop for doing his job either. We're the ones speeding. I mean, isn't the whole point of the signs, the car, the blue lights, the hat, the badge, and the radar gun to remind us to slow down? There is a limit you know, "speed limit," get it? It drives me crazy too when I see that white Intrepid lurking on the side of the road. But, it is effective and you have to admire his diligence.
We all know what this is about, but going through the trouble of printing up a bumper sticker like that is pathetic. It is a public, personal attack on someone that lives here with the rest of us. Deputy Laskowski has a family and a school-age kid. Did you ever think that your bumper sticker might hurt her feelings? There are ways to protest that don't include name calling.

Don't hide behind the "the life out of this valley" portion of your sticker either. It looked like a cowardly way to avoid facing the possible legal consequences of your slur. It's not funny or tricky or witty. It's just lame. Get over yourself. Take some personal responsibility. If you got a ticket, pay it or fight it in court. Try telling the judge the deputy who pulled you over sucks. That should work out well for you.

If the point of the sticker was to get people to protest to the select board then why didn't you just write a letter to the paper and say that? 

Tim Hultgren



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