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Lack of truth in Iraq reporting


To The Editor:

As I was preparing for my current deployment to Iraq, it was, quite naturally, with much trepidation as the time I would be separated from my family approached all too quickly. The constant barrage of negative news reporting never really seemed to help, but as I anticipated, those reports could not be further from the truth. 

Let it be known, the service members I've been in contact with over the last two months are extremely motivated, are receiving clear and concise guidance and objectives, are making positive impacts on reaching Provincial Iraqi Control and making Iraq safer, and most importantly believe in what they are doing.

It's a real shame that so many people are more concerned with disagreeing with the current administration rather than fully understanding what we are doing. It's amazing what you can see when you walk the ground. Day after day, I have witnessed and observed progress. Progress that is not being reported, progress that is sidelined by those that refuse to believe we can be successful. If someone were to ask me what I thought of this year's maple sugar crop, being over here, I would have no credibility to establish an accurate opinion. Remember that, and just imagine if in the context of that question, all I had been hearing is how no one likes maple products (via completely unfounded reports of course). Don't let your dislike for an administration or political party blur your vision. If you truly want your sons and daughters home you have to celebrate your sense of nationalism, you need to have pride in yourselves, pride in your neighbors, and pride in your country. 

Diversity is our greatest strength, especially when it brings those of opposing views together to agree to disagree but who can still support a united cause. Take notice, your sons and daughters, your neighbors, your friends, are serving their country proudly, they are well trained, well equipped, and they have the wherewithal to accomplish the mission, the right way, and ultimately to continue to protect your liberties. Make no mistake about it, our country is at war, and I'm confident that neither this administration nor the next will get us out of it, but our great country will continue to be defended.

Vic Noble
Warren, New Bern and Al Anbar 


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