• Nease proposes HUUSD redesign

    What would happen if all fifth-grade students in the Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD) were in one building? How about if all fifth- and sixth-graders in the district attended Crossett Brook in Duxbury along

  • WWSU school choice is now available

    Parents in the Washington West Supervisory Union will be able to enroll their kindergarten through eighth-grade children in any of the schools in the newly unified school district.

    The Harwood Unified Union

  • Waits Way ribbon cutting

    All are invited to the opening of the newest section of the Mad River Path next week. On Tuesday, September 27, at 5:30 p.m., rain or shine, the public is invited to attend the ribbon cutting and celebration of Waits

  • Opinion: Share our plans

    By the Waitsfield School Board

    As the new school year begins, the Waitsfield Elementary School (WES) Board would like to share our plans and work for the transitional year ahead. Following the yes vote for school

  • Fayston Elementary School hosts third annual farm day

    Some kids were about to sample a tea made from stinging nettles for the first time. “It tastes like seaweed!” one shouted. “Yum! Not bad,” another announced.

    Fayston Elementary School (FES) students dabbled in

  • Q & A with Tom Martin on school independence

    On January 25, Warren PTO and community members organized a public forum in order to provide information about the process of shifting from a public to an independent school should any elementary schools in The Valley

  • Act 46 committee prepares for public vote

    By June, the public will vote on whether each school district within the Washington West Supervisory Union (WWSU) will proceed along an accelerated path toward the consolidation of school management and budgets under Act

  • Warren School budget up 3 percent

    The Warren School Board has finalized their 2016-2017 budget, which has increased 3 percent from last year’s budget.

    At the board’s January 19 meeting, $2,543,025 was the agreed upon number, up from $2,417,372 in

  • WWSU budget passes with one new position

    After extensive discussion about the timing of it, Washington West’s full board voted 15-5 to add a new position at the Washington West Supervisory Union (WWSU) offices at a cost of $81,823.

    The board, at a

  • Waitsfield Elementary School budget down by 7.1 percent

    The Waitsfield School Board has drafted a 2016-2017 budget which reduces spending by 7.1 percent.

    The board met on January 18 to finalize the budget which will be brought to voters at Town Meeting in March. While

  • Fayston School budget is under Act 46 spending cap

    The Fayston School Board delivered a 2016-2017 budget with a minimal 0.7 percent increase over this year’s budget.

    On January 19, the Fayston School Board finalized a 2016-2017 budget to be brought to voters on

  • Community proposes new position for Jones

    After the Warren School Board decided not to renew the contract of longtime administrative assistant Laurie Jones last month, those left devastated by the decision have proposed a way to bring her back.