• Select board supports conservation commission invasives plan

    The Waitsfield Select Board approved a plan to re-issue a request for proposals, seeking a new plan to combat invasive species on the town-owned Austin parcel.

    The Waitsfield Conservation Commission asked the

  • Rethink use of chemicals for knotweed

    By Lyndon Virkler

    I was unable to attend the  meetings in Waitsfield on the Japanese knotweed issue, but have been following the story in The Valley Reporter and wanted to reinforce what others have

  • A matter of scale in the Austin project

    By Clark Amadon

    This is an attempt to provide another perspective about the proposed project to re-establish a flood plain forest along the Mad River at the so-called Austin parcel in Waitsfield. I take this

  • Waitsfield Conservation Commission hears strong opposition to herbicide use

    Hearing strong opposition from dozens of citizens to a proposal to use herbicides on a pilot plan to reduce Japanese knotweed and other invasives on town land, the Waitsfield Conservation Commission will consider that

  • A call for communitywide collaboration

    By the board and staff of Friends of the Mad River

    Friends of the Mad River (FMR) is dedicated to stewarding the Mad River Valley’s healthy land and clean water for our community and for future generations. We

  • A property owner’s experience with knotweed

    By Dorothy Tod

    I live on the Mad River and my knotweed education had been fostered by the both the 1998 flood and Irene.

    After the 1998 flood, it looked like the flood took my extensive knotweed stand

  • Sisyphean

    In Greek mythology Sisyphus, the king of Ephyra, was punished for his deceitfulness and duplicity by being forced to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it come back to hit him, repeating this for

  • People speak out on Austin knotweed plan

    It was a full house at the Waitsfield Conservation Commission’s July 17 meeting with several dozen people in attendance to comment on a plan to use herbicides as one tool to manage knotweed on the town-owned Austin

  • Knotweed plan sparks controversy


  • Conservation commission will try pilot project for knotweed

    The Waitsfield Conservation Commission will try a pilot project to contain the invasive plant Japanese knotweed along the Mad River on the five-acre Austin parcel, immediately north of the Lareau swim