• Valley schools implement a new way of learning

    Harwood is in the midst of switching to a proficiency-based learning system, but problems reporting students’ progress have some parents worried.

    At the Harwood Unified Union School District’s (HUUSD) executive

  • Warren School bids $500,000 over budget

    The Warren School Board will reject both bids it received for renovation work at the elementary school after the bids came in a half a million dollars over budget.

    The Warren School Board will meet Monday, April

  • First ever seven-school, six-town budget approved

    All of the towns of the Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD) voted together for the first time to pass one budget for all six towns and all seven schools.

    The budget passed on Town Meeting Day with a

  • HUUSD Board votes in favor of keeping teachers

    The Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD) Board has finally voted on each budget item for next year and any parent worried about losing teachers can breathe easy.

    At their January 11 meeting, the HUUSD

  • What was said and not said

    Several weeks ago, The Valley Reporter printed a front-page story detailing the proposal to the Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD) Board to cut two teachers and a staff member at two Valley schools.

  • An alternative to the Harwood curriculum

    Harwood students who choose to utilize the Harwood Community Learning Center (HCLC) master skills that most students are still struggling with well into their college years.

    Across the road from Harwood Union

  • Opinion: Share our plans

    By the Waitsfield School Board

    As the new school year begins, the Waitsfield Elementary School (WES) Board would like to share our plans and work for the transitional year ahead. Following the yes vote for school

  • Warren School reviews math curriculum, questions homework outcomes

    Nancy Phillips retired from teaching math in 2007 but has worked on curriculum at Warren Elementary School (WES) since then. She presented an overview of the school’s math program to the school board at their May 24

  • Education funding formula explored at Act 46 forum

    The community continued to voice questions, critiques and praises regarding Act 46 at the fourth and final public forum hosted by the Washington West Supervisory Union’s (WWSU) Act 46 study committee on May 23 at the Big

  • Act 46 committee deliberates power of Valleywide board under merger

    While the Act 46 study committee worked to complete a series of reports and articles that are required for an accelerated version of the statewide consolidation of school management, they considered whether, or how, the

  • Warren School selects firm to repair building

    “Buildings speak,” said architect Dave Epstein of the Burlington-based architecture and design firm TruexCullins. “Some schools you look at, they could be saying, ‘I’m a hospital or I’m a prison,’” he mused, adding that

  • Q & A with Tom Martin on school independence

    On January 25, Warren PTO and community members organized a public forum in order to provide information about the process of shifting from a public to an independent school should any elementary schools in The Valley

  • Harwood budget estimates continue to fluctuate

    School districts across the Washington West Supervisory Union (WWSU) have been visiting and revisiting budget drafts in the past months and the figures continue to waver. The Harwood Union High School (HUHS) board viewed